In this diaper lovers post from Hd Wetting we find Alisha sitting on her bed at the start of this video, wearing a bright blue t-shirt and a pink adult baby diaper.  Ryann Rain enters the scene to check on Alisha, and soon discovers that Alisha’s diaper is soaked.  It is obvious that Alisha is in need of a diaper change. Talking to Alisha as if she was a baby, Ryann has Alisha lay back on the bed and proceeds to change her wet diaper.  First, she unfastens Alisha’s diaper and lays it open on the bed.  With Alisha’s pussy exposed, Ryann wipes her clean with baby wipes, making sure to do a very good job.  Next, she places a fresh adult baby diaper under Alisha’s bottom, applies powder, then finally fastens the new diaper securely around her waist. Ryann leaves with the dirty diaper and used wipes to throw them away.  Wearing a fresh, clean diaper, Alisha gets up and goes off to play. A very sexy diaper scene with these two hotties

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