Adult Baby Girl Marla from she looks so lovely as she is changing her diaper what a sweet AB/DL I really do love the diaper girl fetish and messy adult babies but when adult babies change their wet diapers it is so great. These diaper pictures are from adultbabygirl and this is what was written about the abdl movie that these self diaper changing photos came from.

Baby Marla is a fairly new AB girl who’s having fun exploring the gratifications of regression & diapering. She has fun playing on her own and crawling around the floor hugging her big plushie. She pulls out a fresh clean diaper so she can change her diaper. She wipes her & powders her self before putting on the new diaper. Marla knows that if she does that too long she can get a diaper rash on her bum bum. Marla is tired after all the playing around so she gets into her playpen for a nappy nap.

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