Alisha Bound Diaper peeing

by admin on October 13, 2015

HD Diapers brings us this wonderful diaper peeing Alisha is bound by officer Nikko Alisha is desperate to pee, much to the delight of Nikko. As Nikko watches, Alisha lets go, flooding her diaper. The diaper overflows, spilling down her leg and making a puddle on the floor. After having soaked her diaper, Alisha gets changed by Nikko. Once she is in a clean, dry diaper, Nikko leaves her. Alisha is left lying in a diaper handcuffed to the changing table.

See Alisha Pee Her Diaper Here

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Nikko Made to Wear A Pull Up

by admin on October 12, 2015

HD Diapers brings us Nikko and Alisha Visiting the clinic for a simple check-up, Nikko is attended to by nurse Alisha. While the nurse checks her vitals, Nikko expresses that she needs to pee. Alisha, busy, insists that Nikko waits just a couple minutes and then she can go. Nikko, however, is too desperate to wait. She ends up wetting herself in front of the nurse. Do to her poor bladder control, the nurse makes her put on a pullup style diaper until the doctor can see her.

See Nikko Being Diapered Here

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Sosha Wearing Diapers In The Bedroom

by admin on August 25, 2014

HD Diapers brings us these wonderful diaper photos of Sosha she looks super sexy as she poses in her pull-ups it’s a pity that she doesn’t pee in them in the set.

Sosha Wearing Diapers In The Bedroom

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Pissing In Her Diaper

by admin on June 16, 2014

HD Diapers brings us Carly. “this is just a simple, no frills, diaper wetting video. Often when one of our girls pees in a diaper it can be difficult to see. Unless the diaper leaks, there is seldom much outward evidence that the diaper was actually peed in. That is why in this video Carly pulls down the diaper in front so you can clearly see her pee stream soaking the diaper. Once she finishes peeing she pulls the diaper up snug against her. She then proceeds to masturbate in her warm, saturated diaper. She even manages to have an orgasm on camera.” Wonderful diaper wetting.

See Carly Peeing In Her Diaper Here

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Sosha Modelling In Diapers

by admin on May 15, 2014

Sosha from Hd Diapers stars in these wonderful diaper photos. The story goes “Check out Sosha in these pictures as she poses for the camera, showing off her pullup. In the first pictures Sosha is fully clothed, wearing jeans and a blouse. All you can see is a peak of the waist band of her diaper. As we move through the photo set, however, we get to see more and more. Sosha undresses for us eventually letting us see her wearing absolutely nothing but her adorable diaper. Super-hot diaper photos its just a shame she doesn’t piss in them.

See Sosha In Her Diapers Here

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Tied Up In Diapers

by admin on May 12, 2014

In the latest diaper movie from HD Diapers we have Alisha sitting on the sofa in a diaper and tied up, she needs to pee but is reluctant to piss in her diaper. Sosha comes into the room and tickles Alisha until she can’t hold on and pisses into her diaper. She is soaked and sitting in her wet diaper she asks Sosha to change her but Sosha walks off leaving Alisha to sit in her wet clammy diaper for a while. A hot diaper pee.

See Alisha Tied and Diaper Peeing Here

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Public Diaper peeing

by admin on April 13, 2014

The latest HD Diapers movies stars Alisha. The story goes “Sosha and Alisha are out for a walk. Alisha is wearing a pull-up under her jeans as an emergency backup. Just in case she can’t find a bathroom. It is a good thing she is wearing it, because she needs to pee and there is no bathroom in sight. Sosha records as Alisha gets desperate. With no hope of getting to a bathroom in time Alisha uses her pull-up. We can see the look of relief on her face as she lets go. Once she has finished peeing she shows of her bulky, saturated diaper through her jeans.”

See The photos Here

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Cheerleaders In Diapers

by admin on March 18, 2014

This amateur diaper video from HD Diapers features Sosha and Alisha. Wearing their cheer leading uniforms and pull-ups they walk around town talking about what it is like to wear a diaper. Eventually Alisha needs to pee. Since she is already wearing a diaper, she decides to use it. After she is done peeing she talks about how it feels to be wearing a wet pull-up. This is a super-hot amateur diaper movie.

See The Diapered Cheerleaders Here

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Peeing In Her Diapers in bed

by admin on March 16, 2014

HD Diapers brings us Alisha, she is in her diapers and sleeping she starts to pee in the bed and into her diaper but she has peed to much and her diaper has leaked the bed is wet and so are her pyjamas  and also her t-shirt she is one wet mess. It is so sexy to see that her t-shirt has gone see-through with the piss

See Alisha Peeing Her Diaper Here

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Sosha Is A Bed Wetter

by admin on March 14, 2014

It is the wee early hours of the morning. Sosha suddenly notices something isn’t right. She is surprised to discover she has peed in her bed. Disgusted with herself for having a night time accident she climbs out of bed revealing a huge wet circle on her sheets. We get to watch as she changes the sheets on her bed. Once a fresh, dry sheet is down she takes off her wet sleepwear. Just in case it happens again she puts on a diaper to protect her bedding. She then goes back to bed.

See Sosha Putting On Diaper Here

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